Together, Airbus Defence and Space and UK MOD Information Systems and Services (ISS) are providing you an adaptable and responsive approach to the new and emerging requirements of UK Defence communications. Skynet is still delivering your global assured and resilient communication links, but with a new, innovative approach of annually committed capacity giving you 50% more capacity available on demand. Skynet now enables its users from land, sea and air to train as you fight.


  • World’s most powerful, MILSATCOM grade, hardened and protected X-band satellites
  • Commercially owned and operated by Airbus Defence and Space
  • Offers flexible services via global and rapidly steerable spot beams
  • Multi-beam switching capability delivers shaped and high gain footprints
  • Maximises data to small and disadvantaged terminals
  • Supports Airborne – Maritime and COTM requirements
  • Highest in class for resilience to rain fade and interference
  • Fully interoperable with existing X-band terminals
  • Complementary resilient and robust services for existing satcom systems
  • Fast-track service available for urgent operational requirements




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