Multi-resolution imagery products

As a satellite operator, with strong partnerships with other operators and our own airborne capabilities, we provide access to the most complete range of Earth observation data on the market: an efficient answer to your needs for imagery whatever the scale, the location or the timeliness! Our offer covers a wide spectrum of observation needs.

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satellite imagery

Namib Desert, Namibia, SPOT 6 Satellite Image
© Astrium Services

Elevation models and DEM

We offer the most comprehensive range of elevation models providing highly accurate height information everywhere in the world, whatever the relief and weather conditions. These elevation models are used for high-quality image orthorectification, multi-scale mapping, terrain knowledge, water body identification, flood modeling and 3D visualization.

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Geo elevation

WorldDEM™ - Hokkaido, Japan


Thanks to innovative processing solutions and high capacity of production, we turn imagery into accurate cartographic data to offer you a wide range of off-the-shelf data, ready-to-use for immediate integration in your business systems. Our range of products includes orthophotos, either satellite-based or aerial as well as topographic mapping services at different scales. 

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Mapping data

SPOTMaps Mount Egmont, New Zealand
© CNES 2004-2011

Monitoring Services

Whether you work in the defence, oil exploration, construction, business intelligence or network operations sectors, we have developed services to monitor and analyse your assets and areas of interest so that you are alerted about changes or events to your immediate environment that may have an impact on your activity. Our monitoring services use a combination of satellite imagery, AIS signal for offshore areas, and rely on our 25-year experience in image analysis and interpretation for the delivery of value-added information.

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Monitoring services

Surface Movement Monitoring for an underground construction project in Budapest, Hungary

Direct Access Services

Advances in technology have led to smaller, cheaper equipment, bringing the purchase of a receiving station within reach of private companies, research centres or government organizations. For direct access to imagery and high production rate, we offer custom solutions that enable you to receive SPOT, Pléiades or TerraSAR-X data directly from the spacecraft at your own ground station. These all-in-one offers include hardware (terminal, antenna), software, tailored telemetry reception agreements as well as training and development of applications on site.

It took the 6 strong, all-female team from the British Army, 62 days to complete the challenge. The group was expected to take between 75 and 90 days, with the women tackling winds of up to 60mph and temperatures reaching as low as -40C. Their epic 1,000 mile expedition began on 20 November. 

Airbus supported the expedition by providing the communications solution to the team, allowing them to benefit from voice and data throughout their 62 day challenge. Communications in such conditions are particularly challenging due to climate and remoteness but Airbus supported the team with 24/7 connectivity to ensure the Maidens remained in contact.

“Providing communications for the first, all female, team to traverse Antarctica (using muscle power alone) has been a privilege, especially as they are all serving British military women. Satellite communication was the only option for them and the coverage severely limited” said Richard Crook, the lead engineer supporting this expedition. “This allowed us to provide ‘the Maidens’ with appropriate and reliable service and equipment tailored to their needs. The primary consideration was for the conditions of operation under which the ‘Maidens’ would be operating the equipment (-20c to -50c), conditions which are not suitable for the majority of equipment. Ensuring that the ‘Maidens understood the methodology and limitations of use was the absolute key to the safety and success of their expedition. We are in awe of their achievement”

Airbus, through the Secure Communications business line, provide global secure communications build, operations and services. With satellite communications as its backbone, and defence customers at its core, solutions are increasingly focused on the integration of all critical communications for clients that demand the highest availability and security. As more and more assets become connected - whether in the air, on land or at sea - the management of all bearers, guaranteeing connectivity for the most demanding customers is the new mission.

About Airbus Secure Communications

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2017 it generated revenues of € 67 billion and employed a workforce of around 129,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners from 100 to more than 600 seats. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

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