Supporting troops well-being in operations 

francewelfareAirbus Defence and Space has a long heritage in providing critical welfare (as examples: Wi-Fi coverage in accommodation areas, cybercafé, phone booths and when possible dedicated GSM network) communications solutions to military personnel. The UK first rolled out the WelComE service to troops in the Balkans in 1999. The UK WelComE service was the blueprint for Welfare services in France and Germany, whereby a team of experts in the UK shared their knowledge and experience with French and German counterparts that led to securing the contracts in operation today. Every day, up to 30,000 users deployed all over the world can enjoy this service designed to deliver a safe line of communications with families and friends back home. 

The WelComE programme started over 15 years ago and at its peak served 24,000 users. It was the first programme of its kind and has recently been renewed for a further six years, and extended to also offer Wi-Fi on-board Navy Ships.
While in Germany,Airbus Defence and Space’s Connect-D programme was recently extended to navy personnel and now serves 3,000 servicemen and women. The programme was initially introduced in 2011 for land-based forces only. The extension was made possible by deploying mobile systems enabling unlimited phone calls at sea and internet access when docked. Internet access for vessels at sea is currently being prepared.

This critical service makes all the difference for military personnel as shown by a recent testimony received from Commander John Kenny, who coordinates the welfare network for the Irish Defence Forces, “The professionalism of the project team is excellent. They are extremely proactive and customer focused, striving for excellence at all times. […] They deliver smart and innovative solutions and succeed in mastering the Satellite Communications.”


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