Airbus Defence and Space currently provides contingency services for Governments across UK, France and Germany. High Integrity Telecommunications Systems (HITS), a secure and resilient telecommunications service for the UK Government to provide continuance of government between key decision makers at local and central levels during periods of crisis.

We also delivers a fixed and mobile communication service deployed by the French fire stations over dedicated networks, and in Germany a homogenous communications system for first responders, using autonomous Ku and Ka- band SATCOM.


  • Maximum ease of use
  • Phone & internet access in time of national emergency to allow emergency services users and government to remain in contact if conventional telecommunications are unavailable
  • Service can also be utilised when conventional telecommunications are working normally
  • Guaranteed secure and resilient bandwidth on military network
  • Transportable terminals available 24/7 as backup resource


  • Typically each site installation will feature a number of phones, laptops and printer
  • Features a simple pin and password access
  • Network monitoring and management at central Airbus Defence and Space
  • 24/7 helpdesk 


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