Our fixed and mobile land solutions are tailored to the customers’ requirements, these often include:

  • Provision of fully managed end-to-end communications links - These service operations range from individual voice circuits to transparent IP connectivity, broadcast or secure data, with managed Quality of Service (QoS) levels
  • Bulk capacity purchase or full transponder leasing – Airbus DS manages multiple users’ satellite access whilst maintaining guaranteed service levels for all users
  • Traffic Anchoring – We operate own Satellite Ground Stations (SGS) and have experience of operating them for and in cooperation with the military of different nations
  • Terminals, Modems and Baseband – In addition to our network solutions we supply a range of proven fixed, fly-away, man-portable and vehicle mounted terminals, modems and baseband solutions on lease or for purchase together with management of logistics and training
  • Customer Care and Service Delivery – Airbus DS has a single point of contact for the ordering of services

As illustrated, customers can choose from a full portfolio of services from satellite capacity only to fully managed turnkey solutions for their fixed and mobile land solutions.


  • Secure military communications from a proven satellite operator and service provider
  • Interoperable NATO STANAG and US MAC1 compliant networks, services and infrastructure
  • Lower whole life costs for service delivery and equipment provision
  • Cryptography support
  • 24/7 customer support available
  • Single source for end to end turn key military communication networks
  • Service based contracts
  • Rapid operational planning and delivery
  • Short term services based on master service agreements and SLA frameworks
  • Quality of service and traffic management


  • In theatre communications, fixed, transportable and mobile
  • Command and control, situational awareness capability
  • Forward operations and mobile links
  • Flexible coverage for special operations or rapid response
  • Broadband
  • Welfare services
  • Library services
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video
  • IP networks


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