We are currently supporting multiple X-band airborne ISR platforms, from shared/private SCPC/TDMA networks through to large scale, bespoke ISR mission support services.

Over Skynet, Airbus Defence and Space has proven data rates in excess of 14Mbps using DVB-S2 ACM SCPC links, with bespoke coverage providing high gain spot beams tailored to the mission area, enabling multi-aircraft, high criticality ISR missions to be carried out securely over resilient milsatcom satellites.

We have also supported smaller scale missions for airborne ISR over X-band and offer an integrated end-to-end communications capability called AIMS which includes services, equipment, and support for ISTAR intelligence data collection and delivery.

AIMS – Airborne ISR Managed Communications Services

This managed service is designed for operators of airborne data collection platforms performing ISTAR missions.

AIMS provides the following as part of an integrated end-to-end communications capability:

  • Managed service
  • Equipment
  • Support for ISTAR intelligence data collection & delivery
  • Delivery across line of sight, beyond line of sight and terrestrial networks using secure and resilient communications as required


  • AIMS provides a high value for money ISTAR service by optimising  the use of the available resources and utilising advanced data compression techniques
  • The service gives a flexible performance to suit the needs of the user throughout the mission, allowing higher resolution video and additional services on-demand
  • Reduces the human requirements and complexity of deploying and operating a dynamic hybrid network, providing the end-user a simple, graphical interface to manage data flows, relay services, data rewind, storage and access
  • Compliant with NATO standards ensuring the user’s ability to share intelligence and resources in allied operations
  • Mission success requires access to available space resources. AIMS improves this by offering frequency swappable equipment as part of the managed service


  • Fully managed end-to-end communication links
  • Flexible line of sight and beyond line of sight service
  • Satellite capacity procurement and management
  • Equipment provision and support as necessary
  • Through life support
  • 24/7 customer support


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