Airbus Defence and Space focuses on customer requirements and assuring connectivity in any remote or harsh environment across the global and delivers solutions which utilise any combination of satellites, frequency bands, hardware and connections to enable this. We provide global fixed and mobile satellite communication services and solutions to military, government and civilian organisations and will support all applications in land, at sea and in the air.

Satcom Solutions List

  1. Naval-Maritime Solutions

    Connect and Inform people anytime, anywhere...with Secure and Resilient Communications

  2. Airborne ISR Solutions

    Satellite solutions for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

  3. Bandwidth Services

    Flexible managed bandwidth services from X-band to L-band

  4. SpaceDataHighway

    The SpaceDataHighway is no longer science fiction. It has become reality and will revolutionize satellite communications.

  5. Fixed & Mobile Land Solutions

    Satellite systems and ground-based infrastructure to deliver high-speed secure voice, video and data to the frontline.

  6. Satcom for Government Emergency Response

    Satcoms for when there is a loss of national telecommunications infrastructure

  7. Digital IP Solutions

    Satcom network and ground system IP service solutions to any remote or harsh location worldwide

  8. Welfare Solutions

    Keeping military & government personnel in touch with family & friends from the frontline

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