UHF equipment is lightweight, simple to use and acquires a satellite link easily. UHF is often used by end users who are on the tactical edge and need a quick and simple way of communicating back to command and control. Skynet 5's UHF channel's pairs provide generous link margins allowing for a wide range of users and equipment. They are also fully co-ordinated with NATO standards to ensure usability and interoperability.

Each Skynet 5 has 9 tuneable UHF channels, except for Skynet 5D which has 11. 


  • Lightweight, mobile communications capability in remote locations
  • High EIRP enabling higher data rates, smaller terminals & connectivity in built up areas (i.e. areas with high tree coverage)
  • Accessible by a wide range of users & equipment.


  • 24/7 customer and network support
  • Tuneable 5kHz and 25kHz channels in short timescales
  • Dedicated Tacsat, DAMA and IW services
  • Skynet 5's are hardened, secure and high powered military satellites


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