As part of this end-to-end satellite services provision capability for both military and commercial satellite bandwidth, Airbus Defence and Space can provide all milsatcom capability or specific services which include bandwidth only, bandwidth with anchoring and backhaul, or many other various combinations of packaged services, products and systems.

X-band Transponder Leasing

Airbus Defence and Space supplies the required number of transponders with the appropriate spot or global coverage. The customer then manages his own accesses within the transponders. This is particularly suitable for high capacity users seeking to utilise and manage bandwidth within their own milsatcom infrastructure. 

X-band Power & Bandwidth Services

Power and bandwidth envelopes are provided in the most spectrum efficient way. The discrete packages allow customers to match the bandwidth requirement to the coverage and connectivity, effectively. The customer manages access within the allocated spectrum.

Why X-band?

X-band is reserved exclusively for military and government users as it provides all the benefits of commercial bands, such as Ku - i.e. high speed data rates to smaller antennas, but with many additional benefits including resilience to rain fade and interference.

These benefits, combined with Airbus Defence and Space's Skynet 5 advanced milsatcom capabilities, makes X-band from us the ideal choice when loss of communications is not an option:

Why X-band from Airbus Defence and Space?

  • World's first and largest commercial  operator of hardened and protected X-band satellites compliant to NATO STANAG interoperabillity standards
  • Access to 8 Skynet satellites - The World's most powerful, commercially owned X-band satellites. Additional access to X-band transponders on Telesat's Anik G1
  • Skynet 5's flexible global and steerable spot beams can be quickly repositioned to provide high power coverage where the user requires it
  • Skynet 5's multi-beam switching capability delivers shaped and high gain footprints, optimizing a highly concerntrated link for maximising the data to small terminals and blocking out sources of interference
  • Uniquely designed to specifically support COTM (comms-on-the-move) operations, making it the best choice naval and airborne platforms. Skynet 5 is also capable of providing secure data links to submarine vessels and currently performs these operations successfully for users.


The key benefits of procuring X-band from Airbus Defence and Space:

  • Leased capacity on a MHz basis or SCPC links on a Mbps basis
  • Full and fractional transponder leases
  • Access to the world’s most powerful, commercially controlled, military X-band. Access to commercial bands are also available as a packaged service
  • Expert consultancy  and tailored solutions as per customer requirements
  • Private and shared networks
  • Surge capacity capability with fast commercial processes
  • Network monitoring and reporting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Flexible leasing terms and commercially efficient practices
  • Services will be delivered to the required QoS regardless of the transponders and beams that may be needed to support the service
  • 99.9% assured services


Key Features of X-band from Airbus Defence and Space:

  • Interference Resilience: Our X-band is resilient to interference due to coordinated operations between all satellites and minimum slot separation enforcement. Shapeable beams on Skynet minimise interference further in addition to the smaller population use (reserved for mil/govs only) on X-band, compared to commercial bands.
  • Rain Resilience: X-band has the best resilience to rain fade. The only comparable frequency is C-band - a highly contended bandwidth used for broadcast to commercial users. Combined with Skynet 5’s unique capabilities, X-band from Airbus Defence and Space is the best option for military satcom operations in any environment.
  • Terminal Size vs. Data Rates: X-band is the best compromise for terminal size and data rates whilst maintaining resilience to rainfade. Combined with Skynet 5’s powerful steerable antennas and beaming forming networks, data rates of 10Mbps to a 45cm antenna are achievable  without interfering with adjacent satellites.
  • Data rates for COTM/COTP: X-band is well suited for high data rates to “on the move” and “on the pause” platforms. Combined with the unique capabilities of Skynet 5 as previously stated, and the assurance and uncontended bandwidth as standard, X-band from Airbus Defence and Space has proven rates in excess of 14Mbps using DVB-S2 ACM SCPC links, with bespoke coverage providing high gain spot beams tailored for Airborne ISR (UAV) missions.
  • Remote & Maritime Coverage: Our X-band footprints are specifically located in areas with little or no infrastructure making it ideal for remote and maritime platforms. With the addition of Anik G1 to our X-band constellation, we are the only commercial provider of X-band over North and Latin America, with substantial coverage of the Pacific Ocean, reaching out to Hawaii and Easter Island.


Satellite Coverage Skynet 5 X-band


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