Global Xpress

Global Xpress is the first global Ka-band network and has been built specifically with government customers in mind. It

delivers secure, end-to-end wideband connectivity for seamless Land, Maritime and Airborne operations worldwide.

Wherever the next mission arises, Global Xpress has you covered with a network that’s owned and managed solely by

Inmarsat. Purposely designed for mobility, it will provide a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly

across each spot beam, and from one satellite to another. Diagnostic tools are also incorporated.

Subscription Services

COMMFLEX Ka offers a wide range of pre-packaged subscription services, including baseband equipment to deliver secure

services over Inmarsat infrastructure. COMMFLEX Ka can also be used to backhaul to the customers own baseband solution.


  • Flexible service contracts (1 - 36m)
  • Throughput options from (256kbps > 4Mbps)
  • Fully managed services providing;
  • Terminals, Bandwidth and Connectivity
  • Fully global coverage
  • Wide range of modular options
  • Commercial levels of security, provided over Inmarsat
  • GX architecture
  • Designed for Land, Maritime and Airborne Operations


  • A range of modular service elements, allowing for adequate customisation to suit customer operations
  • Flexible and agile services to support changing deployment scenarios
  • Customer not locked in to particular service contract levels
  • Non contended bandwidth
  • Options to suit simple voice capabilities, main operating base data traffic, and ISR missions
  • Assured and resilient service delivered over Inmarsat
  • Global Xpress infrastructure


Product Information

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