As managed satellite services provider using both military and commercial satellite bandwidth, Airbus Defence and Space can provide all milsatcom capability or specific services which include bandwidth only, bandwidth with anchoring and backhaul or many other various combinations of packaged services, products and systems.

  1. UHF

    UHF is ideal for users who are on the tactical edge and need mobile, simple voice and data capability

  2. Skynet 5 X-band

    Built to military standards, Skynet 5's are the world's most powerful commercial X-band satellites and provide assured communications during critical operations

  3. Anik G1 X-band

    The only commercial X-band coverage across North and Latin America, Anik G1 provides substantial coverage of the Pacific reaching out to Hawaii and Easter Island

  4. Military X-band Services

    Lease secure military X-band for assured connectivity during critical missions

  5. Commflex Ka-band

    Ka-band managed bandwidth services for high speed broadband

  6. Commercial Bandwidth

    In addition to X-band, our satellite services portfolio includes L-, Ku-, Ka- and C-band to ensure all our customers requirements are met.

  7. Skynet 4 X-band

    The first Skynet 4 satellite was first launched in 1988 and became the third generation of UK Ministry of Defence communications satellites. This generation of satellites have been generally considered a success and some are still operational today.

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