Network for the Sky (NFTS) delivers secure networked airborne communications over a mix of technologies to form one resilient, high-speed global network that supports the most advanced applications. With a highly secure overlay that meets the most demanding requirements.

NFTS creates an intelligent network across diverse air assets – manned and unmanned – with seamless interoperability between them. It emulates the experience of today’s cellular networks in a secure airborne environment, expertly configured for the unique challenges this brings.

Network for the Sky is a solution from Airbus. We have unequalled breadth of experience in aircraft, airborne communications systems and services – and bringing it all together into highly secure end-to-end solutions trusted by military and government customers.

Key Benefits

  • Communications superiority – higher performance, increased resilience, increased range, seamless interoperability, enhanced cybersecurity
  • Enhanced situational awareness – communications throughout mission, faster access to richer information, shared between all mission participants
  • Faster, better decision-making – information superiority, multi-domain intelligence
  • Faster, synchronised response – multi-mission capability, increased flexibility, reduced mission time
  • Increased mission efficiency and effectiveness – maximising airborne assets


NFTS is a modular, end-to-end solution, available as individual, scalable elements to a complete end-to-end solution.

Airborne Equipment

  • Proteus modem
  • AirPatrol satcom antenna
  • Janus satcom antenna
  • Multi-level Security Node & Communications Manager

Airborne Communications

  • X, Ka, Ku, L-band capacity
  • LTE, UHF/VHF networks
  • Tactical or global shared satcom services
  • Mission office in the sky: secure IP services
  • ISR services
  • Socius ISR data broadcast
  • Satellite extension to L16, UHF, LTE & wideband links

Network Services

  • End-to-end communications services
  • End-to-end guaranteed bandwidth on ground network
  • Network service orchestration
  • Multi-level security
  • Interconnection from Airbus teleports
  • Customer teleport management

Support Services

  • Account management & billing support
  • 24/365 helpdesk
  • Aircraft communications integration support
  • Network management requirements & planning
  • Cybersecurity risk assessment
  • Field support
  • Spares & repairs
  • Training


NFTS operates over a secure, flexible, hybrid network that incorporates multiple technologies for better resilience.

It creates an intelligent network across diverse air assets- manned and unmanned- with seamless interoperability between them.

NFTS emulates the experience of today's cellular networks in a secure airborne environment, expertly configured for the unique challenges this brings.



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