Turning Best Effort Networks into Prioritised, Orchestrated Connectivity


ELEO is the seamless and secure orchestration platform to manage the secure connectivity of a group of LTE users. ELEO reinforces the security and provides a dynamic management of the quality of service to improve the end usersĀ  experience. ELEO is 5G ready to support to coming challenge of the Internet of Things (IoT) which will also require a reliable secure connectivity across networks.


Airbus delivers end-to-end seamless multi-network secure connectivity solutions across different networks - some digital, some analogue, which could be in the air, on the ground or in space. Our solution brings together disparate networks to maximise their collaboration potential, while ensuring security and providing effective network management.


ELEO is suitable to address Governmental (Defence, Public, Safety) and Commercial (Critical Infrastructures and Large Corporates) customers.



Key Benefits

  • Full communication traffic control
  • Prioritisation and managed QoS beyond standard
  • Application awareness
  • Multi bearer capability (Multi-MNO, Wi-Fi, SAT, PMR)
  • Network federation
  • Security features
  • Ready to 5G
  • Best value for secure connectivity by leveraging existing assets



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