Integrated in ruggedized cases and equipped with tactical antennas, the BLR-LTE is the ideal choice for mission and operations in extreme and harsh environments.

Designed to be deployed within a theatre of operations, BLR-LTE offers a high performance wireless broadband IP service to inter-connect forces information systems in operation.

It integrates the key features of the BLR-IP which is used by French forces in theatres of operation. It also implements the 4G/LTE standard and thus offers new mobility services.

The BLR-LTE offers the capability of secure IP interconnection with speeds up to 48Mbit/s over a distance greater than 20km.

System break down:

The BLR LTE system consists of elementary interconnected functions:

• LTE network: fixed infrastructure, eNodeB (radio relay), EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and terminals.

• Security: add on to the LTE system to reach security clearance needs.

• User Services: services implemented above the LTE layer: voice service, data and video.

• Operating: transversal function, configuration, supervision and system control.

• Mission preparation: set of tools to prepare and lead system roll out.



• 4G / LTE Standard

• Secure IP interconnection with speeds up to 48Mbit/s

• Distance greater than 20km

• Wireless broadband IP service

• Transport of different sort of streams: data, encrypted voice, videoconference, streaming, chat, messaging…

• Security clearance management: restricted access and NATO restricted

• Connection to different civilian and military communication systems (operator WAN, zone networks, satellite)

• Resistant to harsh conditions


• System communication controlled

• Work with a wide secure LTE terminal ecosystem (tablet, smartphone, router modem, USB dongle…)

• Quick set up, by a small team

• Interoperability with current systems

• Wide range of radio configurations adapted to the required deployment topology

• Scalable system



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