Seamless Secure Connectivity Management

Hybrid Networks is a seamless multi-network secure connectivity management across different networks -some digital, some analogue, which could be in the air, on the ground or in space. Hybrid Networks joins up previously disparate networks and maximizes their communications potential, while ensuring security and providing effective network management.

Airbus offers a completed range of Hybrid Networks software and related services addressing the management, orchestration, and security of networks over multiple-bearers including: SatCom, WIFI, Legacy, 5G and LTE.

The solution is defined to address governmental (defence, public safety) and commercial customers (critical infrastructure and large-corporates).


Key benefits

  • Best value for money
  • Best use of all available networks

  • Full traffic control in a hybrid environment

  • Enable collaboration between networks and users

  • Intelligent orchestrating

  • Improve security, availability and reliability

  • Ensure connectivity everywhere, anytime

Our products

  1. BLR-LTE

    Wireless tactical communications system for theatres of operations

  2. ELEO

    Turning Best Effort Networks into Prioritised, Orchestrated Connectivity


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