SmartDeploy is a modular suite of integrated software applications that automates the end-to-end process of ordering, planning, and configuring a satellite communications network.

Transforming the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the satellite communications, SmartDeploy is a Network Management Solution (NMS) that meets the challenges of delivering end-to-end satcoms:

  • Advanced IP network planning
  • Service and network configuration
  • Inventory management
  • Satellite terminal deployment
  • Communication services catalogue
  • Communication ordering and billing
  • Security and key management
  • Network monitoring / reporting
  • Radio frequency spectrum management
  • IP traffic management with advanced QoS
  • Network stress / interference management


Key FeaturesDescriptionBenefit
Operational efficiency - Intuitive and easy to use
- GUI optional for further control as required
- Expertise embedded within software 
- Reduce operator skill requirements
- More efficient management of network
Scalability - Modular and Customizable
- Local or centralized management of terminals
- Easy upgradable service catalogue
- Capable to manage networks from few nodes to big networks 2000 nodes (no hard limitation)
Open Architecture  - Uses standard interfaces; XML, CSV, SNMP, Web Services, ...
- Runs on COTS Hardware
- Flexibility in choice (suppliers of service assurance capabilities)
Optimized for satellite networks  - Manages IP over satcom network
- Focus on satellite communication: RF planning, modem, topology
- Airbus Defence and Space developed transmission protocol.
- More efficient bandwidth usage
- Suitability
- Network performance

SmartDeploy Architecture


ConfigurationMonitoringTerminal Management
Complete IP Baseband configurationTerminal state monitoringLocal Terminal control and monitoring of equipment
Logical to physical mapping of ground terminals and equipmentEquipment fault monitoringSNMP Mediator providing abstract equipment interface
Auto-assignment of terminals and equipment from inventoryNetwork fault monitoringEphemeris data loading
Modular configuration generation for variety of equipment typesGraphical fault representationLocal user interface
VOIP telephony configurationEquipment performance monitoringScheduled and automatic configuration activation
Over the air and manual configuration disseminationNetwork performance monitoring
Scheduling for assignment, dissemination and activationIncident management
Operator alerts for impending activity milestones 
Integration of maintenance schedules
NOC driven activation of configurations
Key generation and planning for NETSEC, COMSEC and TRANSEC

Supporting capabilities

  • Remote terminal communication protocol with supporting management application offering expedited messaging over secure management channels
  • Engineering Order Wire
  • Authentication, authorization and accounting
  • Peer and Manager of Managers interface
  • Operator notifications via email
  • Resilience and failover support
  • Wall display feeds
  • Process status tracking
  • Remote software updates
  • Reporting


Product Information

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