Designed for fixed, land mobile, airborne and naval platforms, Proteus delivers maximum satellite bandwidth efficiency and data throughput while offering robust protection against jamming and interception. The modem is suitable for installation in fixed and mobile platforms, and for operation in both meshed and star networks through all transparent payloads in the Super High Frequency (C, X, Ku, Ka) and Extremely High Frequency Satcom bands.


  • Low through life costs
  • Maintains interoperability as network-centric architectures evolve
  • Uses Software Communications Architecture framework to allow multiple waveforms to be stored and loaded on demand redefining the modem’s capabilities through managed software upgrades and enabling portability of waveforms between platforms
  • Advanced routing and Quality of Service protocols are supported as part of the feature-rich IP functionality
  • Sophisticated satellite and IP diagnostic tools are also incorporated


  • Ability to reconfigure and upgrade by over-the-air software download
  • Flexibility to incorporate and tailor new waveforms
  • Multiple waveforms, including bandwidth efficient, TDMA, protected anti-jam and low power spectral density, on a common hardware platform
  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)

  • Scope to apply national Network Security (NETSEC) and Transmission Security (TRANSEC) encryption
  • DAMA for efficient use of allocated bandwidth
  • Support for Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP)
  • Full QoS, VLAN and routing capabilities
  • Seamless integration with existing IP baseband
  • Selectable Layer 2 and Layer 3 baseband operation


Product Information

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