At the backbone of a satellite communications network is the network management system. Airbus Defence and Space are experts in designing, developing, installing and if necessary managing custom network management systems for military and government users’ requirements.

We have designed and delivered some of the world’s most secure military network management systems including the UK’s Skynet 5 system, Yahsat’s system and more recently have been awarded to provide France’s first digital military ultra-fast broadband satellite communications system, COMCEPT, for Athena-Fidus.

In addition to being an end-to-end satellite services provider, Airbus Defence and Space designs and develops specialist satellite equipment and systems.

Our Proteus modem provides secure IP centric communications designed for fixed, land mobile, airborne and naval platforms.

Proteus delivers maximum satellite bandwidth efficiency and data throughput while offering robust protection against jamming and interception. The modem is suitable for installation in fixed and mobile platforms, and for operation in both meshed and star networks through all transparent payloads in the Super High Frequency (C, X, Ku, Ka) and Extremely High Frequency Satcom bands.

As a flexible service provider, Airbus Defence and Space also offers the ability for a customer to either lease a modem as part of the end-to-end communication path, or customer owned modems can be accommodated at our own teleports

Networked Products

  1. SmartDeploy

    Intuitive network management of complex military communications services

  2. Proteus Modem

    Multi-Mode Secure Satcom Modem

  3. TACIP

    A solution adaptable to changing operational missions thanks to a scalable architecture fit for small, medium or large configurations

  4. SkyWAN IDU 7000

    The IDU 7000 is an MF-TDMA modem with built-in routing, frame relay switching and support for multicast transmissions.

  5. Mobile IP Node

    Secure Information Superiority Through Advanced Ad-hoc Mobile Networking

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