Communications whilst on the move and in the middle of ocean is a tricky one, but we’ve been delivering it for our customers for over 40 years.

To be effective and safe in theatres of operation, ships of all sizes and classes need to visible on the communications net. Navies are now supporting large coalition forces, anti-piracy operations and peace-keeping missions far away from home waters. Airbus provides robust secure communications services to navies of the world.

Our products

  1. Naval-Maritime Solutions

    Connect and Inform people anytime, anywhere...with Secure and Resilient Communications

  2. SCOT Terminals

    SCOT terminals enable mission critical communications for navies anytime, anywhere.

  3. UHF

    UHF is ideal for users who are on the tactical edge and need mobile, simple voice and data capability

  4. Military X-band Services

    Lease secure military X-band for assured connectivity during critical missions

  5. Commercial Bandwidth

    In addition to X-band, our satellite services portfolio includes L-, Ku-, Ka- and C-band to ensure all our customers requirements are met.

  6. Welfare Solutions

    Keeping military & government personnel in touch with family & friends from the frontline

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