Our secure satellite systems and ground-based infrastructure deliver high-speed secure voice, video and data, anytime, anywhere, often in harsh environments.

We supply a range of proven fixed, fly-away, man-portable and vehicle mounted terminals and services to connect ground-based forces to their command centres – at broadband speed, anywhere.

We also provide self-contained, trailer-based terminals designed for easy transportation, rapid deployment and robust, autonomous operation.

Our products

  1. BLR-LTE

    Wireless tactical communications system for theatres of operations

  2. Fixed & Mobile Land Solutions

    Satellite systems and ground-based infrastructure to deliver high-speed secure voice, video and data to the frontline.

  3. MobilePatrol

    Highy portable, rapid deployment

  4. UHF

    UHF is ideal for users who are on the tactical edge and need mobile, simple voice and data capability

  5. Military X-band Services

    Lease secure military X-band for assured connectivity during critical missions

  6. Commercial Bandwidth

    In addition to X-band, our satellite services portfolio includes L-, Ku-, Ka- and C-band to ensure all our customers requirements are met.

  7. Welfare Solutions

    Keeping military & government personnel in touch with family & friends from the frontline

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