Airborne ISR applications are becoming increasingly important for supporting a wide range of military operations due to the increased pressures on improving situational awareness for military personnel protection.

Our products

  1. Airborne ISR Solutions

    Satellite solutions for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

  2. AirPatrol

    Modular, multiband, lightweight and delivering exceptional RF performance on airborne vehicles

  3. UHF

    UHF is ideal for users who are on the tactical edge and need mobile, simple voice and data capability

  4. Comms-on-the-move Solutions

    Solutions for constant communication whilst vehicles, warships or aircrafts are in movement

  5. Military X-band Services

    Lease secure military X-band for assured connectivity during critical missions

  6. Commercial Bandwidth

    In addition to X-band, our satellite services portfolio includes L-, Ku-, Ka- and C-band to ensure all our customers requirements are met.

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