Airbus Secure Communications recently successfully completed demonstrations using a Maritime Network Evolution (MNE) installation at Portsdown Technology Park.

The main demonstration and testing took place with an Airbus SCOT terminal being tested over a Skynet 5 X-Band satellite link.

The bandwidth demands on naval ships is increasing given more complex applications and systems. The demonstration proved 50Mb/s of data using a small SCOT terminal.

Having proven the capability at the Technology Park, it is expected that the larger SCOT terminals fitted to QEC would allow data rates approaching 100Mb/s.

Richard Budd, head of business for Secure Communications in the UK said: “The test was carried out using Airbus Secure Communications MNE and SCOT terminal and demonstrates that the X-Band capacity to the Carrier could deliver up to 100Mb, supporting the Royal Navy communications requirements.

The next step is a trial on QEC with the larger antenna, allowing us to demonstrate the link capability and hence to determine our assured service offering. This would allow for a high-increase in bandwidth to those in the navy, enabling them to share files and communications to the required levels when fully equipped”.


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