Her Majesty’s Government can continue in its ability to communicate nationwide in times of crisis, with high independence from terrestrial networks, as a result of using the UK Sovereign Skynet Satellite constellation. A total of 47 sites spread across the country will ensure continuity of crisis management. When local infrastructure cannot be guaranteed and other networks may fail - Skynet will provide resilient satellite connectivity.


Cardiff, 4th December, just 5 months on from the 1st site being delivered, marked the completion of the 47th and final site. The Airbus project team has worked very hard to ensure continuity of service and on time delivery to its customer for this critical communications system.


The UK Cabinet Office commented: “This is a significant achievement which Airbus and everyone involved should be proud of.  Due to the successful delivery of RSN, the UK Government’s resilience and its ability to respond to significant events has been greatly boosted.  We look forward to the next phase of RSN and our continuing strong relationship with Airbus.”

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