Welcome to the Aero Defence Connectivity blog, a series, designed to give insight into Aero Communications.

In this series we will cover the current challenges, new technology and future advances of the Aero Defence Battlespace. Hear from our industry experts on how to bridge the gap between current solutions and the air mission needs of today and the future.

  1. Airbus Defence and Space completes first mobile general ground station for NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance

    21.12.2015  |  Press release

    Airbus Defence and Space completes first mobile general ground station for NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance

  2. Skynet 5A satellite move to Asia-Pacific complete

    15.09.2015  |  Press release

    X-band and UHF Milsatcom services available for Asia Pacific region from 1st September

  3. Skynet 5A satellite starts move eastwards

    24.07.2015  |  Press release

    Secure X-band and UHF MILSATCOM available for users in the Asia Pacific region by autumn 2015

  4. Airbus Defence and Space unveils new mobile welfare communication portfolio

    23.06.2015  |  Press release

    Wel2Go is a mobile connectivity suite with three service levels of private communications for troops and remote workers

  5. Airbus Defence and Space provides Skynet military satellite communication to Norwegian MoD

    08.06.2015  |  Press release

    With this 4 year framework agreement signed with Defence Logistic Organisation (NDLO) Norwegian forces gets augmented naval, ground and air communication capabilities

  6. Airbus Defence and Space delivers Comcept, the French Armed Forces’ first very high-speed satellite based network

    28.04.2015  |  Press release

  7. Airbus Defence and Space partners with Spectra for tactical radio extension service

    30.03.2015  |  News

    New satellite communication ability extends radio networks reach to remote locations

  8. Airbus Defence and Space announces Skynet 5 satellite move to deliver military satcom over Asia-Pacific region

    16.03.2015  |  Press release

    Skynet 5’s X-band and UHF reach is being expanded over the Asia-Pacific region
    Fleet of 9 X-band satellites to cover 178 West to 165 East

  9. Airbus Defence and Space Partners with Hughes for Ultra-Compact Satellite Terminal for Portable X-Band Service

    03.11.2014  |  News

    Smallest X-band terminal service available, ideal for tactical military environments

  10. Airbus Defence and Space, Inmarsat sign agreement to deliver high speed broadband airborne Global Xpress terminals

    08.07.2014  |  Press release

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