In the event of a natural disaster or national emergency and there is a loss of terrestrial communications, we can provide assured and secure satellite communications services which are capable of handling restricted information and operating independently from the main telephone networks to ensure that civil authorities stay connected in a crisis.

Our products

  1. Satcom for Government Emergency Response

    Satcoms for when there is a loss of national telecommunications infrastructure

  2. Anik G1 X-band

    The only commercial X-band coverage across North and Latin America, Anik G1 provides substantial coverage of the Pacific reaching out to Hawaii and Easter Island

  3. Military X-band Services

    Lease secure military X-band for assured connectivity during critical missions

  4. Skynet 5 X-band

    Built to military standards, Skynet 5's are the world's most powerful commercial X-band satellites and provide assured communications during critical operations

  5. Skynet 4 X-band

    The first Skynet 4 satellite was first launched in 1988 and became the third generation of UK Ministry of Defence communications satellites. This generation of satellites have been generally considered a success and some are still operational today.

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