Valuable assets in Consultancy Services consultancy

Only strong and robust experience in Consultancy Services will allow a company to provide such support to international organizations. That’s precisely what NATO was looking for when collaborating with Airbus Defence and Space in May 2011.

But what was the NATO challenge for Airbus Defence and Space? NCIA (NATO Communication and Information Agency) provide ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services globally to the NATO community with the aim of providing an IT continuity of service, in a challenging environment:

  • Orchestration of several elements being Human Resource, logistics, welfare support…, for users spread all around the world,
  • Management of both national and NATO security clearances,
  • Regular contact and integration of feedback from the embedded team members.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary expert approach, Airbus DS has the ability to consider both a project in its whole complexity (one customer with daily operational needs) and the flexibility requested when working with a huge number of users with individual needs and personalities.  Airbus DS has, and continues to succeed in delivering suitable and efficient consultancy services to NATO, where we have many consultants spread across 2 continents, 4 countries and 5 separate key sites.

It is very satisfying to know the expertise delivered by our consultants is essential to the operational effectiveness of NATO NCIA missions”, says Robert Turner – Head of Consultancy Services at CIS.

“ Airbus has been a reliable partner from the beginning in supporting the consultancy services required by NCI Agency to deliver its customer’s requirements” - Alain Courtois - NATO Communications and Information Agency - Acquisition, Principal Contracting Officer


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