More tailored end-to-end secure communications choices

Through our Skynet fleet of hardened military satellites, we provide the UK Armed Forces with all their Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) satellite communications capability.

From the outset, Airbus planned for the Skynet 5 system to be far more capable and larger than that required to meet the UK MoD requirements. This provides us with the capability to offer MilSatCom to countries like the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, France and the US and international organisations like NATO.

In addition to Skynet, we provide fixed and mobile satellite services, designing and providing multi-satellite ground segments for the most modern armed forces and security agencies in the world. This includes the Germany Bundeswehr, the French MoD, the UAE, the Norwegian MoD and the European Defence Agency.

More Welfare communication choices for soldiers 

Whether it’s for soldiers far from home or crews on the high seas, we provide personal communication services from remote operational theatres worldwide for armed forces from the UK, France, Ireland, Germany and NATO. 

The largest catalogue of secure military bandwidth services across land, sea and air platforms



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