Our customers’ missions and business are always critical. Whether it involves soldiers manoeuvring down range, a supertanker ploughing through rough seas, mines and rigs operating in remote areas or first responders coping with the aftermath of a natural disaster, reliable satellite connectivity and accurate geo-information can mean the difference between success and failure.


As one of the world’s leading providers of managed satellite services, we are responsible for our customers’ time- and mission-critical communications and geo-information every day. In short, everything we do up there in space is to enable them to accomplish their goals down here on Earth.

Flexible, resilient and secure government satcom

We are world leaders in providing global fixed and mobile satellite communication services to governments, militaries and security forces. Indeed, as the world’s number one private-sector military satellite communications provider, we deliver the flexibility, resiliency and security required by demanding governments and militaries . And we do this for all communications applications, whether they’re land, airborne or naval.

Our commercial satcom: your lifeline when you’re out of reach

We’re also a major provider of satellite communications to the business world, with the most comprehensive portfolio of services on the market today. Over 200,000 end-users from the maritime, land and aviation sectors rely on our cost-effective satellite communications services. This includes shipping companies, aid agencies, mining firms, oil and gas companies, business and commercial airlines, NGOs and emergency response users. Today, one out of two vessels across all maritime sectors uses Airbus Defence and Space.

Fresh geo-intelligence you can count on every day

At Airbus Defence and Space, we also provide high-quality geospatial imagery and data to our customers working in security and defence, oil and gas, mining, agriculture, the environmental sector, emergency response, land administration and resource management. We do this through a unique multi-resolution constellation of satellites, including optical and radar sensors.

Global reach with a local presence

As a truly global organisation, we at Airbus Defence and Space understand local markets, allowing us to support our customers wherever they are. With regional strategic sales and support services in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, our presence on the ground where our customers need us most is bolstered by our global reach

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